Residential Conveyancing

Helping you along the property ladder

Maclaren Warner Solicitors has an experienced team of lawyers, led by Simon Kassell who specialises in residential conveyancing.

We offer competitive fees with no hidden charges and pride ourselves on delivering high levels of customer service. To obtain a quote please contact us on one of the phone numbers at the top of the page.

We deal with all aspects of residential conveyancing, including:

Buying, selling & remortgaging

Buying and selling property can seem intimidating. There are a lot of things to think about when buying a property, whether you are an investor managing a portfolio of homes or a first-time buyer.

Key stages of Buying & Selling your house

The precise stages involved in the purchase & sale of a residential property vary according to the circumstances of your particular situation.

Shared ownership

It’s getting more and more difficult for first-time buyers to get on the home ladder as living expenses and house prices grow and salaries falter.

Transfers of equity

When transferring equity, you must seek professional legal advice because it may significantly alter the situation for you and any other parties.

Buying your freehold

You can apply to purchase the freehold to your property if certain criteria are met. This means that the property would no longer be leasehold and that you would own the property and the land outright, with no restrictions imposed by a lease.

Buying a leasehold

Purchasing a leasehold home or apartment essentially grants you the right to occupy the space for the duration of the lease. The land on which your property is situated is still owned by the landlord; you do not own it.

First time buyers advice

Whether you are a Landlord or a Tenant, if you are in a dispute about your property we can help. Our specialist Solicitors have the experience and expertise to help you to resolve your dispute.

Auction sales

Our skilled group of conveyancers provide professional services for both purchasing and selling properties at auction.

Conveyancing jargon & disbursements explained

Sometimes during the process of moving home, or other property transactions, you will come across a number of technical terms which relate to the conveyancing process.

Right to buy

If you purchase a home under the Right to Buy scheme, you will need to choose a conveyancing solicitor to act on your behalf, just like you would with any other property acquisition.

Plot sales

For small landowners, building contractors, and regional developers, we provide a customised solution.

Grants of easements, rights of way, drainage

An easement is a legal right that grants someone the privilege to use a portion of another person’s land for a specific purpose, even though they do not own the land itself.